What Does Your Birth Stone Say About Your Personality?

In the Biblical story, the high priest Aaron wears a breastplate, which has 12 stones attached to it, each one symbolizing a different personality. In many myths and legends from ancient times, gemstones and months were closely related.

January is connected to garnet, also called “the guiding light”. Garnets are often worn by explorers going into dangerous areas in order to be protected. People born in January are ambitious and compassionate. Also, their connection with people really matters to them and they know their worth. However, they can also be stubborn, which can hinder their goal achievements.

February is linked with amethyst, which is a stone that symbolizes protection from dark forces and seduction. If you are born in February, you have a developed spiritual side. Also, intelligence is your strong side and you are very gentle.

March is connected to aquamarine, and people born in this month try to achieve a balance in their physical or spiritual realm. They are really passionate about justice and want peace around them. They also enjoy travelling.

In April the stone is diamond, which is among the hardest material found on Earth. So, people born in April are hard-headed and are very quick when they make decisions. This can actually cause them trouble; however, they also radiate love, happiness and forgiveness.

May is linked with emerald, a stone for improved eyesight. This doesn’t mean that people born in this month have laser-sharp vision, but that they know what their goals are, are very focused on them and have the willpower to go after them. This can sometimes work against them, since it can destroy a relationship with another person.

In June the stone is pearl, which is made of organic matter. They are emphatic and sensitive, and they really like nature. They also have a great sense of humor and are very patient. This makes them great friends.

July is connected to ruby, and people born in this month are really motivated by courage and achievement, causing them to take lots of action. Also, they aren’t afraid of their emotions, and they can’t really hide them when they want to. They have difficulties becoming friends with people, but once they are, people born in July are really amazing friends.

August is a month linked with the Sun. People born in this month are rarely depressed, and glow with confidence wherever they go. They are also great at cheering up other people.

September is connected to sapphire, and if you are born in September, you have a hard time trusting people. However, you are very calm and wise, and your good memory is one of your strongest sides.

In October the stone is opal. People born in this month really like meeting people, and their creativity is really strong. They are rarely bored, and easy to both forgive and forget.

November is connected with topaz, and this stone symbolizes good luck. So, people born in November are really lucky, and since they love people, they share what they have. They are different in their thinking than most people and radiate patience and joy.

December is linked to turquoise, and people born in this month are very unique. They are very wise and people often come to them for advice. They are also very protective of their loved ones.

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