These Are The Symptoms Of Menopause And Do Not Care, You Are Not a Problem

Menopause is the transition of women from reproductive to non-reproductive state. This transition is accompanied by a lot of symptoms that can occur even 10 years before entering the menopause. Here in this article we will show you some of those symptoms.

We bring you 20 symptoms of menopause, with which every woman eventually meet.

Swelling of various body parts

If someone touches you’ll start to shouting

Kilograms will build like crazy

You will find hairs in strange parts of the body

You will cry because of every little thing

Sleeping at night, you will feel it impossible

You will not be able in some moments to remember your name

Outbursts at teenagers

Your mood will be constantly changing

You will torture yourself with refraining from comments

Hot flashes

Retaining water in the body

You are always ready to argue

Just to eat and eat

Abnormal sweating

Eating sweets, constant

You begin to believe that your brain leaves

You will say everything you want

You are about going crazy

You would rather seat in the refrigerator.


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