5 Mistakes Women Make When Making Love, No.4 Is So Common!!! Girls You Must Read This!!!

Guys aren’t always on the top of their game when it comes to sex, and neither are we. Getting it to be this super oiled up, sizzling, passionate yet emotion-packed, flawless act of love you see in the movies takes time, and practice! Until you achieve that you’re bound to make some mistakes, and here are the most common ones!


Do you feel like you’ve got it all figured out and act like a total sex whiz when in the sack? All the moves are down, you totally know what you’re doing at all times and you’re actually good at all of it? Well, hate to break it to you but – there’s no chance in hell you’re THAT good.

Sexual pleasure is a very individual feeling, and we all have different preferences. So, being a sex goddess to one guy may actually mean being a complete bore for another.

While the truth hurts, even considering this, thing’s aren’t really that bad – getting to know someone sexually, and developing this great connection in bed as well as outside of it, is a huge part of any relationship. Of course, it’s going to take time and adjustment. But, mistakes are common, on both parts.

Women, for example, tend to do one or a combination of these things:


Lying gets you nowhere! Apply this saying to sex and it becomes 100% accurate.

I don’t even get the logic behind this phenomenon that’s more than common. Like, if you’re faking it it’s obviously not doing it for you, and you’re actually ensuring it’ll never work for you by faking that it’s amazing.

If he thinks he’s making you come every time he’s going to do the same things every time – the things that are actually not getting you there at all. So, no lying!


You know what? If he wanted someone to just lay there while he gets his freak on by himself he’d get a blow up doll or something.

First – there is no way you’re having any fun if you’re not getting into it, participating and actually putting in some effort, and second – he’s not having an easy time either seeing that you’re completely uninterested in what’s going on.

Do not spend the whole time checking out the ceiling – be a part of the act, give him a little moan, some heavy breathing, anything. I’m not saying you should go and become an expert in dirty talk or anything, but at least be present – it’ll help you both.


This goes for the positions, the amount of time it lasts, the lingerie, the foreplay, or lack thereof. And it’s not necessarily your fault, it’s something that both of you just kind of let happen ’cause it’s familiar, easy and rarely practiced.

You must do something about it. For example, spice it up with some sexy lingerie once in a while, break the streak of the good ol’ 15 minute sex routine with a quickie. Stuff like that will keep you both entertained and put in some diversity in your sex life.


Men are not mind readers. You’ve gotta give him some pointers. Show him what feels good, what you like and how you like it. Tell him all that too. Don’t we all know that the road to pleasure for women is a bit rockier than a man’s? Yes we do, so, sending him on that road without any directions at all is not a very good idea, is it?


Letting him take the wheel is okay too, but taking control yourself once in a while will not only blow his mind, but also get you the opportunity to take care of yourself while in charge.

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