MILIA: How To Remove The Small White Skin Cysts?

Milia are a group of small, white, solid, keratin filled cysts that are formed under the skin. They usually appear when the keratin remains stuck below its surface. Keratin represents a strong protein that is found in the tissues of the skin cells, nails and hair. These cysts look like pimples and they can be noticed very easy.

This skin problem is common in newborns, but it can also occur in persons at all ages. Milia can disappear within a couple of weeks. The cysts are typically 1-2 mm in diameter and they appear on the area around the nose, cheeks and eyes, but, they can also appear on any other body part. This article is going to present you how to remove these small skin cysts in an all-natural way. Natural treatments are usually very simple and effective!

3 alternative methods to remove the small skin cysts from your skin:

1st Method

You can use the comedone extractor to gently coax the milia out through the small opening. Note: you should be very gentle. And then, when you have made the teeny tear on top of the milia use tweezers to lift out. When you are done with that, you need to finish up with your usual skincare routine.

2nd Method

Note: you will need a sharp needle, very pointed tweezers (flat-ended tweezers will not work), and/or acomedone extractor. Here’s what you need to do: first, you need to cleanse your face with gentle and water-soluble cleanser and washcloth or cleaning brush. Then rinse it off with lukewarm water. Make sure skin is completely dry before you start remove milia. And remember, in order to prevent infection, you need to rub the needle, tweezers, and comedone extractor with alcohol.

3rd Method

Use the needle or the tweezers to make the teeniest tear in skin on top of milia or right next to it very gently. In that way, you’ll have enough access for removing the milia.


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