Best Campus РJapan is known as a country with a variety of cultures and uniqueness, also known for its culinary paradise. Culinary variety and typical Japanese snacks are much loved by many people,Even in other countries including Indonesia there are also many famous Japanese snacks. Each has a taste that is also suitable on the tongue of Indonesians.

Because of its deliciousness and uniqueness, various typical Japanese snacks you can find and enjoy in the area around you. Here are some of the most popular Japanese snacks.

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Okonomiyaki is a typical Japanese snack that is round in shape and looks like an omelette or martabak. To make okonomiyaki the necessary ingredients are wheat flour, eggs, meat, and cabbage and processed sea. Then the dough will be cooked on top of the teppan. Then, okonomiyaki is served along with a sauce and mayonnaise typical of Japan and added also a sprinkling of dried fish flakes. Having almost the same name as okonomiyaki, Takoyaki is a typical Japanese snack in the form of small balls measuring 3-5 cm.


Takoyaki has a basic ingredient of flour and eggs in the middle of which is given octopus or tempura meat. The dough is then cooked on a kind of cubit cake grill, and given a sprinkle of bonito flakes.


You’re certainly no stranger to the name of this one snack, right?

Doraemon’s favorite cake is a snack consisting of two pancakes in which are given red peanut butter or green tea, some even fill with chocolate. The sweet and delicious taste certainly makes you have to try this one snack.


Taiyaki snack is a fish-shaped cake filled with various ingredients such as chocolate, ice cream, red beans, cheese and others. This snack is quite popular in Japan. For you Crayon Shincan fans, of course, often see this snack in the movie or comic scene. Snacks that have a sweet taste is considered as a fortune carrier cake you know.


Onigiri is a triangular rice kepal that has various contents such as fish, chicken or others and the outside is wrapped in sheets of seaweed. This one snack often appears in various scenes in Japanese anime or manga. Snacks that are often a hungry grinder is quite popular also in Indonesia.

Have you tried it?

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